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iPod softwares new lookiPod software went through a massive shift in January, moving web based platforms to this new site and rethinking and redesigning the content so it is more relevant to you the iPod user.

The first difference you’ll notice is that the site is gradually being split into more defined sections, yesterday saw the start of this reworking with the tutorials section, taking a look at how to get started with iTunes, and over the next few weeks we’ll upload the rest of the iTunes tutorials which should give you an insight into how things work.

The PC and Mac software sections are the next to be checked and ultimately updated. We have had countless emails about which software is best for doing a multitude of tasks, and our aim is to cut down the present list to just a few that we would personally recommend.

We would also like to invite you to continue your emails and send in any comments or useful tips that you as an iPod owner have that you would like to share with others.

For now have a look through the site and as always if you have any questions then fell free to email. info@ipodsoftware.co.uk

Requests at iPod Software

Welcome to iPod software, it looks to be an interesting year already, we see UK music giant EMI having a few issues with their larger name acts, and after last years loss of Radiohead, which was followed by the success of their latest album, there are already rumors that others are set to follow.

This loss for the big record companies will inevitably give self and small outfits a little more weight, as the battle for record sales will inevitably fall to the success of online techniques, self promotion and of course the quality of songs. It still seems unless your a big name who has already reached the status of house hold name, a large publisher is still the way to go, they may take a large percentage of profit, but their knowledge and power there is still little better way of manipulating and using marketing and advertising.

So what of iPod software in 2008, well after a good Christmas break we’re back and looking to expand on the bases of the site, which after much consideration will be fed by your suggestions. So if your looking for tutorials on how to use your iPod, download, organize of even publish your own screen or pod cast then let us know. For now have a great new year and let us know your suggestions by emailing info@ipodsoftware.co.uk