Importing songs and creating playlists

Getting organised

How to create a new folder in iTunesOnce you have imported your CD’s to iTunes they appear in the library, so when ever you want to listen to a song you can quickly scroll through the list to locate the one you want or use the search feature in the top right of the iTunes window. However if like most iTunes users you end up with hundreds if not thousands of songs then you’ll probably find yourself a little lost and this is where playlists really come into there own. Another problem that is common with the standard library is that all your iTunes content is stored in that one location, meaning that one minute you find your self listening to rock anthems singing your heart out and the next your confrontented with gardeners question time podcast you downloaded when growing your own tomatoes seemed like a good idea. So playlists for all your different audio genras or even moods is always a good idea. Well before starting with Playlists it’s a good idea to create a new folder to store the playlist, this is especially useful if there is more than one person using the machine with iTunes. To do this click on File>New Folder, as soon as you do this you’ll see a new folder appear in the left hand menu of iTunes, click on the name and call it something useful.

Create a new play list in iTunes

Create the playlist

To create the playlist within the folder make sure that you have the folder selected and then return to File>New playlist, again you will see a new option appear in the left menu and again click on this and give it a name such as music. That’s it your new play list is ready to accept its first songs, audio books, podcasts, screencast or even video.



Just drag your songs across to the new play list

Adding songs

To add songs to your playlist, click back on to the library and simply drag and drop the songs you want into the playlist. To select individual songs click on the song name and drag and drop to the play list. To select multipul songs click on the first song you want and then holding down shift select the last song you want, you should see all the songs in the selection highlighted, now simply drag and drop these to the playlist. To select multiple individual songs hold down alt or option depending on your wether you use a Mac or PC and again click the songs and drag and drop to the playlist.

Creating more playlists

If you want more playlists then simply repeat this for as many playlists as you want.

What else can I do with playlists and why are they important

There are a variety of things that you can do with playlists, most commonly you can use them to simply organise your music, more advanced features enable you to organise different playlists for uploading to your iPod, sharing with others on your network and of course burning to CD. We’ll come to look at each of these a little later, for now if you have any questions relating to playlists or folders then please email us at 



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