Getting Started with iTunes

Getting started with iTunes

Well we thought we would start from the beginning so to kick things off we have a quick tutorial on getting started with iTunes, showing you how to quickly get up and running and most importantly how to get those track names appearing in the listings. 

So what is iTunes1. So what is iTunes? iTunes is a music player, shop and multi-disc changer if you like, in it’s simplest form put in a CD click play and as long as you have speakers attached to your machine, music should start pelting out! Of course it can get a little more complex than that, but unlike a video player which famously could sit there for years able to do all manor of things that no one could be bothered to work, out iTunes has evolved over the years to an extremely adept piece of software, capable of all manor of wonderful things that your average person would never want to see. The great thing is it doesn’t boast about these features, unlike the box for an old video, you really just find you are using them as time goes on, so all very intuitive! 

Apple iTunes site

2. So where do we start? At the beginning is always good… So if your on a Mac then you should find that iTunes is already installed. PC users on the other hand can pop along to and download the latest version, this download is twined with QuickTime, Apples video player which is also free. Once downloaded it all pretty easy to set up, click install follow the instructions on screen and in a matter of minutes you should be up and running. The first thing to do is to start iTunes, if you are using another media player at present such as Windows media player or RealPlayer and want to keep these as your default, then when prompted if you want to have iTunes as your default audio player then click no, other wise, confident in iTunes click Yes. ITunes should now start and the interface should appear, at the top of the screen you have the main menu, through here you can reach all the extra functions and settings for the application. Below that you have the main control panel and display, much like on any tradition audio player. The main screen is split in two, on the left you have a thin column, this basically displays what is in the library, so all the tracks you have purchased from the iTunes store or downloaded from CD’s, it also contains any movies, TV Shows, Pod cast you might import and internet radio which can be handy. Below that you have the famous iTunes store which gives you access to a huge range of tracks and enable you to set up all types of listings and other things that can get quite addictive. Finally we have the play lists, these are probably the most important feature to understand, especially if you want to set up your own for iPod’s or just different listings for members in your house hold. Well go through an in-depth description of the interface later, but any problems with installing the software or the interface then please let us know at

Make sure you\'re connected to the internet to get track names3. How do I get the music from the CD to the computer and in to iTunes? Before putting your CD into iTunes make sure that you are connected to the internet, so depending on your connection hit the connect button, once you’re online quickly check to see that everything is working and in order, the easiest way to see if iTunes is up and running properly is to click on the iTunes store in the menu on the left hand side. Wait a couple of seconds and you should see the screen change and start to resemble a normal online web page with all the latest releases. If you are not connecting to the store recheck that you are connected to the internet and can access website through a standard browser. If you are still having issues then please let us know at

Green ticks show that the tracks have been imported intoiTunes4. Standard CD track import…For standard importing of audio tracks from a CD, all you have to do now is stick the CD in the CD drive and after a few moment the CD should appear in the left hand menu, a small progress bar may appear saying getting track names. Once the CD has loaded all you have to do is click the CD icon and the tracks along with there names will appear, click a track name and play and that track will start to play, all very easy. The next stage is obviously to import those tracks, and to do this simply click the import icon that should appear in the top right hand corner of the screen, as soon as this is clicked you should see progress bars appearing by each of the tracks in turn until the whole album is downloaded to your computer. 

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