iTunes tutorials

If you’re new to iTunes or been using it for a while the iTunes tutorial section will soon be split into three sections tailored to levels of use and experience. So for those of you who have just bought the first iPod and want to start off on the right foot then the first section is for you. 

Like most iPod owners who after the first week of having their iPod, thrilled with the amount of tunes that can be rammed onto the device, but since have then sat back and either filled the thing with more tunes than it’s possible to listen to in the rest of your lives, or swear at it every time you tire of the selection you have installed, this section is for you. Basically it’s a look at getting organised after the event, and a few tips and tricks on how to order, backup and refresh your iTunes catalogue.

Finally for those who feel they have a good grasp of the iPod and iTunes we move swiftly on to another world of iTunes trickery. So looking at creating play lists, affiliation, self broadcast, screen casts, pod casts and anything else we come across that we think will be of interest. 

Of course the site is run for the iPod and iTunes user so if there is an issue that you would like to discuss or have a questions about CD, Vinyl, tape, video, laser disc to iPod conversion then let us know.